4 Most Popular Top Blog Creation Sites

top blog creation sites

Blogging is becoming a popular career these days. Many people with no age limit are doing blogging on social sites. It requires good writing skills. As a blogger, you need to post content regularly. You can share any type of information, experience, and thoughts via blogging. This creates a good source of income as well as helps in enhancing your personality as a person.

If you want to boost your career up as a blogger then, we are telling you about 10 top blog creation sites. These sites will help you to increase traffic to your services. They will initiate you to post more relevant content. These top blog creation sites will prove beneficial for your business to grow.

Know About Free Top Blog Creation Sites 

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Certain top blog creation sites offer you their services for free. As a blogger, you need to know about these free top blog creation sites. This will not only increase the traffic to your content but also increase the efficiency of your writing skills. So, let’s get started to know about these free top blog creation sites.

Wix ( www.wix.com)

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This site is ranked first in top blog creation sites. It is solely free and offers you no. of designs. You can create a professional blog or a blogging website through it. It helps you everywhere, from creating your website to getting known on search engines. 

WordPress (www.wordpress.org)

WordPress is the easiest and popular top blog creation site in existence today. WordPress is a content management system(CMS). For beginners, this site is very flexible. You can create your beautiful blogs here and post them.

LinkedIn (www.linkedIn.com)

LinkedIn is popularly used to maintain your market connections. You can also learn any type of skill through this top blog creation site. One can also try for jobs on this site as many people search for willing candidates on LinkedIn.

Blogger (www.blogger.com)

To make an account on this top blog creation site you must have a google account.

This site will help you in facilitating your blogs. It is free. For a beginner, this site proves to be a good way to start blogging.


If you possess good writing skills and want to make it a career then, blogging is the best option for you. You can try any of these top blog creation sites to enhance your skill. All of these top blog creation sites are free of cost. They offer you many designs for your blogging. These sites are not only a place to enhance your skill but also provide various opportunities to build your professional career. You can start your career as a professional blogger on these sites and get paid for it. We hope this information on top blog creation sites will be useful to you.

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