4 Tips To Start Making Money Blogging

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When we talk about making money through blogging, most people think about selling ads in their blogs. They start their blogs, get a few thousand visitors, sell ads, and then complain after making pennies.

The fact is that selling ads is not the only way to make money through your blog. In fact, if you use the right monetization method, then you could make enough money to earn a living through your blog just with a few thousand visitors.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top four tips to monetize your blog and start making money from it.

So, let’s dive in…

Sell Online Courses And Workshops

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What’s the one way that any blog can make a huge amount of money even if they are not getting millions of visitors every month? It’s selling online courses and workshops from the blog. In fact, many blogs that is making big money get most of their revenue this way.

For example, Ramit Sethi reportedly made around $10 million from his blog by selling multiple premium courses and workshops.

So, if you have good knowledge about a topic and it could help people, then you could make money by writing a blog. And then you can monetize that blog by selling courses online.

Affiliate Marketing

Maybe you’re not a big fan of courses and want another way to earn passive income. If that’s the case, then affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from your blog.

What you have to do is that you need to promote the services or products of other companies in your blogs. And if people like the offer and buy it from your affiliate link, you will make a commission from the sales.

For example, blogs like Smartblogger.com made almost $100,000 from the affiliate commissions last year. And you can do it too.

So, start writing blog today, build your traffic, and then make money through affiliate marketing. 

Make Money Through Advertising

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Honestly, we’re not that into making money by selling ads. And that’s because unless you have millions of website visitors, you will not earn anything significant at all. And affiliate marketing is a lot better alternative to make money than selling ads.

However, there are some niches that will have a tough time making money through any other means than selling ads. For example, fashion, news, and cooking sites usually get a lot of traffic but getting an affiliate commission or making a course would be nothing more than a cliche. So, if they just add a few ads to their sites, they will make a considerable amount of money from it.

Make Money Through Consulting And Coaching

Are you a subject expert in any topic or have a lot of knowledge and a proven track record in any specific subject? If yes then selling online consulting or coaching service through your blog might help you make a nice living.

And this holds true even if you have a very small audience of just a few thousand.

For example, Maria Killam is offering her consulting service on interior decoration and design through her blog. And she is making $1,275 per room for her consultancy through photos and emails.

And you can make money offering consultancy service on the subject you’re knowledgeable too.

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