4 Useful Tips For Naming A Fashion Blog That Will Increase The Engagement And Traffic On Your Blog

naming a fashion blog

The selection of the perfect name for your blog is a very crucial step. Naming a fashion blog is equivalent to creating a full-blown brand. Therefore it is essential to take the necessary time while selecting a name for a fashion blog. In this piece of reading, you will come to know about the useful tips for naming a fashion blog that will increase the engagement and traffic on your fashion blog.

But before narrating the tips, let us have a look at some of the creative fashion blog names. Some of the creative fashion blog names are:

Girl With Curves

Damsel in Dior

Color Me Courtney

Wardrobe Oxygen

Die, Workwear

4 Tips For Naming A Fashion Blog

A woman standing on a beach

Keep It Short

A group of people walking down the street

Of course, any blog’s name needs to be very short, elegant, and to the point. The reason behind keeping a short name is that it is easy to remember and pronunciation. As per the research, if you name a fashion blog between two to four words, it is perfect for tracking engagement and traffic. However, anything more extensive than four words becomes very difficult to recall or remember.

Use Simple Words

Why naming a fashion blog always remember that you need to make use of super-simple words that can stick into the common man’s minds. If you make use of vocabulary and terminology that the majority of the population can understand. This implies that you can make a reach a larger population. Moreover, when it comes to locating fashion blogs online, it will not be much difficult because of simple words.

Make It Brandable

Finally, each of the fashion blogs you are going to name can easily be e turned into a brand. A blog always starts as a single blog, but you don’t know when it quickly grows into a brand. So if you have a catching name like the above-mentioned examples, it is straightforward to develop a brand that can out Shine the competitors. You can also look at the competitor’s name before naming your blog.

Make It Understandable

The first impression of your block is its name. For sure, if people are unable to understand your blog’s name, they are not going to visit it. Select the name that is easy to understand and has a pretty clear meaning. Apart from this, try to select a name that can illustrate what the blog is all about. This activity allows the readers to decide quickly with it is the exact blog for which they are looking.


The above mentioned useful tips for naming a fashion blog will help you select a name that can lead to huge profits. But if you are confused about selecting a catchy name, then first have in-depth research on creating a catchy name. But always remember that you must follow the above-mentioned tips.

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