5 Popular Fashion Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

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All bloggers can relate to being blank of ideas and run out of content from time to time, especially for a beginner. It is quite difficult to run a fashion blog in such a competitive world and to keep your viewers interested; Moreover, it is important to keep your feed attractive, inspirational, prefer quality over quantity, keep the theme or topics on flow, and make your blogs helpful for others. Here are some popular fashion blog post ideas for beginners that will keep you engaged for a long time.

Trying out online shops

Nowadays people love to shop online but they often get confused over the quality, fabric, size, designs, fit, price, and whether that product will suit them or not; A fashion blogger can take this opportunity to review fashion items from online shops and make it easy for the consumers. Try on hauls are one of the best ideas, they get the most views since people like to know the products more before purchasing them.

Seasonal outfit collection

A blog series about different collections for different seasons will be a great idea for beginners, they can show off essential wardrobe items, what to wear with what, how to style sarees in winter, summer-friendly outfit collections, spring aesthetic dresses, top 5 summer/spring/winter outfits, etc. An online shopping haul for a particular season can also be great for blog posts, use social media sites to promote the blog, pages, or posts.

Jeans for different body types

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It is hard for some people to find the perfect size for their bodies, they prefer a guide to learn how they can style according to their shape, what size to buy, which colors and designs will suit them, etc. A fashion blogger can take this opportunity to guide the viewers, suggest the best fit for the body types, recommend brands, show examples, and continue the blog instead of doing it in just one post, it helps to engage the viewers.

Transform old clothes

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Diy, recycling, and re transforming are some of the most popular trends, what can you make out of old items? Many fashion bloggers use old unfitted jeans to transform into beautiful accessories, bags, pillow covers, etc, while some take old clothes and renew them beautifully, styling clothes by cutting them, stitching designs in old items, making clothes out of fabrics are also quite popular for a fashion blogger.

Celebrity collection

People love to have a style like their favorite celebs and a fashion blogger can take this golden idea to make a series of blogs about celebrity fashion, dresses that celebs wear, how they style sarees, what accessories are similar to the movie scenes, celeb-inspired makeup looks, etc. Fashion bloggers can search for similar products and share to their social media that will help people know where to get the items, they can also get the idea to style themselves, and makeup according to that.


Creativity is the key, having an original and personal style also attracts the viewers, fashion bloggers can share their own style and how they have developed it through years, tips and tricks they have learned, and also talk about who they get inspired by.

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