5 Quick Tips to Starting a Successful Free Blog Site

free blog sites

Not too long ago, blogging was just starting out as a way to make money online. Many people used to blog for personal reasons, to vent, or just for fun. Today, though, the world has changed greatly, and people want more than just a place to air out their thoughts. They want to blog for money as well. Here are some ways to make money with your blogging.

Free Blog Sites

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Many of these sites were built with WordPress, a free blogging platform that is easy to use. You don’t have to know anything about HTML code to build a website with WordPress, and many people who use this platform are able to create very professional looking websites. There are many free blog sites built with WordPress, so if you want to get started building your own website, you will be able to do it without paying a single cent. Some of these sites, such as Blogger, offer a free website builder tool that can help you set up your blog in a matter of minutes.

Some blogging platforms are free and easy to use, but they aren’t built-in. Your hosting and domain will need to be paid for in order to use a built-in blogging platform. If you already have a domain, though, you will be able to manage it as well as you would with any other website builder tool.

Use A Social Media Website Builder Tool

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Most people use blogging for business purposes anyway, so you may as well include a social media aspect into it. A social media website builder tool will allow you to create a profile page where people can view your posts from your side and follow you. You can also set up your blog in a number of different social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to share information about your business with friends and family, as well as attract new readers.

Almost every blogging platform available is built into a website builder tool. This will allow you to build a blog on your own domain without needing to pay for a hosting service or content management system. This is great because you can update content on your site as often as you want, whenever you want.

Create A Free Blog With Adsens

Google offers many different AdSense programs that you can place on your free blog sites. Some are simpler than others, so you may want to start with one that uses a text-based ad format that is easy to read. Choose one that displays relevant ads based on keywords that are being used in search engine searches. A lot of hosting companies offer free blog sites, but they may not have all the features you really need. Make sure you know what features you will want before paying for hosting. Hosting plans can vary a lot from one company to another. If you are interested in a more robust hosting company, make sure you are able to customize your free blog sites exactly how you want them.

You can promote your free blog sites by writing reviews about the services you are offering. There are also many ways to promote free blog sites. One popular method is by adding the RSS feed to all your email contacts and auto-responders. You can also advertise on message boards and forums, or simply place advertisements on your blog itself.

Offer Free Gifts To Your Readers

There are many ways to offer free gifts to your readers, such as a free eBook or other quality product. If you offer free products, make sure you provide information that is valuable to your reader. Most importantly, always give your readers tips and other advice to help them succeed in their online endeavors.

One of the keys to a successful online business is monitoring your blog sites and making changes where necessary. Sometimes changes are made because your blog sites attract more visitors than expected. Other times, changes may be made because your visitors have questions or issues that need to be addressed.

Wrapping Up

One of the key components of any online business is a backup plan. If a major service takes down your free blog site, what other services do you have to take care of your customers and clients? How are you going to fulfill orders if you lose access to your website? You must be prepared for whatever happens. Protect yourself by creating a backup plan.

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