Best Free Blog Creation Sites And Effective Blog Writing Tips

best free blog creation sites

Writing is one of the greatest passions and professions in its way. It says one who knows the art of writing is the one who possesses the power to bring great changes. Blog writing is one of a kind of writing. Blogging is a small component of a web blog in which writers share their reviews on any subject. Blogging is an informational website that provides information in a reverse form.

As beginner writers, when we are ready to share our work on the internet, we search for some good and free sites to constantly share our work. So let us discuss a few sites that can help us:


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WordPress is known as a blogging king. WordPress can be a great choice for us if we want to use the site for a long time. The best part about WordPress is it allows the user to take all the control to their blog. We can use a free WordPress installation service for a free experience, just like from our play store.


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Blogger is the most preferred free platform for our blogging. Blogging is one of the most popular blogging sites owned by search engine giant engine. Now even by mapping, we can use the blogging platform from the website on our custom domain.


Nowadays, Wix becomes the most popular blogging space. Wix is a perfect choice for the user who wants to get some regular website functionality along with the box. The Wix facilities’ design is quite modern as it can also use by advanced and beginner bloggers at the same time.


Linkedin is good for free access, but it is made for professionals or business owners who intend to reach their audience for a business purpose. LinkedIn is not one of the favorite choices for lots of users. But professionally, LinkedIn is a good site by which you can grow your business.


We start blogging; we are not much of a blogger freak that works daily on it; for the user who doesn’t want that regular website functions, Tumblr is best for them. Tumblr is one of the free blogging websites that more focus on imagery content.


If a user also wants to connect with a blog website to some business while doing blogging. Then Weebly is for those. Weebly is known as an alternative website in the comparison of Wix i. In Weebly user who wants to do some business like sell, their products can easily do that on a free plan.


Some users, when they start blogging, they don’t want many formalities of the website to perform. So with no complex concept, Jimbo is more than a blogging place. Jimbo allows user to enrich their content with images. And let the user control it freely.

These are some most used examples discussed above. We can try them. Showcase our work and write on a free basis. Happy writing!

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