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To promote great design in the travel industry, I have decided to scour the internet in search for the best travel blogs out there that have great user experience, excellent storytelling, and websites that pushed the envelope of what travel blogs can be.

1. The Travel Episodes

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What I love about it: The Travel Episodes does not just take storytelling to the next level with their writings but also with video clips, sound effects, and photography. It’s like reading a futuristic storybook that teleported you to the place.

For example, the Hitchhiking through Pakistan entry, when you first landed on the page, you are already feeling the tense atmosphere of the video playing in the background, and the more you read through easily-digestible paragraphs, the more you want to see how it all went down. The Travel Episodes blog takes travel blogging into the realm of short stories like no other travel blogs I have seen.

2. Anywhere We Roam

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What I love about it: Anywhere We Roam may seem like a typical clean and minimal travel blog but this UK-based travel blog runs by Paul and Mark is a great example of how photos speaks a thousand words.

The layout of the travel blog merely serves as a white canvas to emphasize the atmospheric and immersive photography that Anywhere We Roam is a master at. Their photography and writings are top-notch and has the ability to transport you to the location in question.

A great example of this can be seen on articles like Impressions of Havana – A story from the streets where the duo takes you through the street of Havana exploring its culture and vibe through atmospheric photography and immersive writing that will make you feel like you are there yourself.

3. Maptia

What I love about it: As you know, I am a sucker for a well-designed website and one of the travel platform that have always been on my radar is Maptia, a platform for travelers and explorers to document and capture the world around them.

Maptia has not been updating as regularly as I had hope for but even then, the design they had come up with years ago is timeless and still stand as one of the best well-designed travel websites out there.

Its focus on world-changing photography accompanying the travel stories written by those who have lived their lives to the fullest is the sole reason why Maptia deserve a spot on this list.

4. IFLY Magazine

What I love about it: I first discovered about IFLY Magazine when I flew with KLM to Europe in 2018 and as they often send out newsletters to their fliers featuring several locations for them to travel to next, they introduced me to IFLY.

IFLY Magazine is an online travel magazine operated by the Dutch Airlines, KLM, that combines the professionally shot photographs you often come to expect from travel magazines on an airplane, the use of interactive media such as sound and videos, and travel tips and tricks that are universally useful to all types of travelers.

A great example of how IFLY excels at storytelling is in “The Wales Way” article. The article highlights a road trip itinerary that take us through the beautiful sceneries of Wales.

5. Another Escape

What I love about it: With producing high-quality outdoor lifestyle content in mind, Another Escape blog hit the nail in the head with their online magazine website that features engaging and authentic travel stories and stunning photography of the outdoors around the world.

Another Escape’s design shines the best when you are viewing travel stories like “The Road Taken” where the article follows a couple who traded their city lives to live lives on the road. Its white space and simple design of the website make ways for the engaging travel story and photography to surface and shine on its own.

So, read these blogs and keep yourself updated.

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