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The preppy lifestyle blog is definitely for those of you who find dressing like a kid at heart and love to express their opinions. A preppy lifestyle blog basically covers all aspects of preppy fashion from casual to formal. The preppy blog is also ideal for people who want to get in touch with current fashion trends, but who do not want to imitate others. All you need to do is spend some time on the Internet looking for a blog that suits your style.

The key to wearing preppy accessories or clothes is to know how to mix and match them to achieve an overall cool look that is unique to you. This can include wearing shirts with logoed logos, wearing a T-shirt that has loud colours or an oversized shirt. When it comes to ties, the best bets are thin necked or soft ones that go well with a casual T-shirt and jeans.

Once you have the basics in place, you can move on to preppy accessories that will help complete your look. One of the most popular accessories is a worn-out vintage T-shirt that you pick up on eBay or from an antique shop. In this age of instant gratification, preppy style clothes and accessories are right at your fingertips. You can buy a used shirt with a logo and wear it to class or a party. It is the ‘in thing’ now and can look great with a suit or even a casual dress and jeans.

Preppy Lifestyle Blog

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Once you have made the decision to be preppy, what shoes do you wear? Depending on the type of preppy look you are going for, your shoe choices will vary. In the casual preppy look, sneakers are very popular. You can find a wide variety of brands online or offline that offer preppy style shoes such as Balmorals, Skechers and trainers. To add a little more bling to your shoes you could buy some rhinestone studs, rubber bracelets or a charm bracelet. Rhinestones add a little sparkle is what preppy men love!

Shoes are not the only items needed to complete your preppy look. Your clothing choice also plays a large role in completing your preppy look. If you are going to a party, hit the mall and try on a few preppy t-shirts and suits. Most of these clothes can be found in department stores or online. With your shoes, hat and jewellery you will be ready to go out and fit in with that preppy look!

A Much Ado

With your hair tied back in a ponytail and your make-up done, you can then turn your attention to your attire. A preppy lifestyle blog can give you great information about what to wear to that perfect preppy event or night out. Many individuals who enjoy the preppy lifestyle blog tend to be outdoor individuals. So if the idea of splurging on a $10 pair of sneakers doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps you would like to find out more about casual or urban wear.

Many fashion blogs focus on only one type of outfit. If you love the preppy look but don’t want to spend a lot of money, that’s fine. You can still look great with simple yet tasteful accessories. Many preppy men opt for simple button-up shirts with dark coloured belts. Other accessories include colourful wristbands and sandals.

Bottom Line

You can find any of these accessories at your local department store. A preppy lifestyle blog will provide many ideas for dressing up for that night out. There are many different ways to create a preppy look. What’s important is that you are comfortable in your own skin, that you are happy with yourself and that you have fun!

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