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‘Enough’ is a word that doesn’t exist in a woman’s bag list! And why should it be when there are enough and more bags every season to give you new shopping goals. Box bags, tote bags, sling bags, clutches, shoulder bags, wallets, satchel, satchel, hobo and many many more! Phew the list is endless and so is our handbag collection. If you are a handbag hoarder and have been hearing ‘enough’ from your peeps on your handbag craze, then lemme show you some more sassy bags which did the ramp this fashion season. I am sure just one more would do no harm!! Here is a blog describing some of the latest trends of fashionable bags this season.

Every year, the billion dollar bag industry comes up with some amazing bag styles and this year was no different. Some particular ones topped the charts and let’s take a peek at the trending bags of 2018.

Celebrities are the quintessential trend-setters when it comes to new bags. Bags are no more convenience accessories but have become a fashion staple that elevate a woman’s repertoire and adds oodles of charm to her style.

Basket Bags

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What started off as a holiday accessory soon became a fashion staple this year. Basket buys were regarded as quirky holiday bags apt for the beach in which you could stuff in a bottle of sunscreen or a loaf of bread. These bags are back with a bang in a slightly new avatar. Embellished and decorated varieties of these bags have come in the form of crossbody clutches and sling bags. These straw, raffia and wicket woven bags are currently at an all-time high in the bag world.

Micro Bags

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Minimalistic bags ruled the Spring 2018 bag collection as all major design houses like Moschino, Valentino, Dior and others came out with some really cute and elegant micro bags. Micro bags came in sling and hand held varieties.

Thin Bags

Slim is no more important for your body but also for your bags this season! 2018 saw a whole lot of slim and thin bags perfect for dates and casual outings. Whether you manage to stuff in anything or not in them is not important anymore!

Multi-Strapped bags

Multi-strapped bags were hugely popular this year. One string in these bags was embellished, differently colored or textured to bring in a stylish twist.

Mini back-packs

Oozing of cuteness and femininity, these mini back-packs ruled the streets this year from every college going girl carrying one! These are super comfortable to carry and can hold all the essentials your shoulder bag can.

Laptop Bags

These came in with a surprising twist this season enough to raise your style statement and add a funky quotient. Ladies laptop bags this season could accommodate a laptop along with some essentials. These all in one bags became the favorite of all office going women.

Double Bags

Double bags as in regular bags paired with coin bags or wallets made a comeback this season. Tote bags with clutch, double backpacks, thin double bags are some of the other variants. These are very practical to keep your purse essentials sorted.

So, you have more than plenty on your hands right now. Choose from the above fashionable bags to enhance your style.

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