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Article creation by using social media has grown to become a huge phenomenon in the online arena. One of the main reasons is its capacity to reach out to a larger number of people through a wider platform and a greater quality level. The reason why more people are looking for such content and not going to blogs or other article directories is that they feel that the readership of blogs is not as huge as that of media sites. It’s because of this reason why many media companies have started including blog posts on their content delivery networks. But how can you make your blog posts be visible on various social media platforms without spending a single penny?

An Overview

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In the first place, you need to understand the nature of each social media platform. You can make the most of it, but unless you know what it is that you are doing, you will end up failing. Some of them work on small communities, while others work on large communities. Others are more suited to providing comments while some allow sharing. So depending on your ideal client and your budget, you can use market research to find the best platforms that suit your purposes.

For those who are just starting out with a small budget, you can use Canva to help you create beautiful and engaging content that is easy to share. With Canva, you get to choose from hundreds of high converting images that are perfect for sharing on social media platforms. This is one of the ways by which you can ensure that your blog posts get noticed by your ideal client and by potential customers.

Posting Images 


Aside from posting images on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, you can also submit blog posts to different article directories. Many blog owners and marketers make the mistake of submitting blog posts to directories that are not relevant to their niche. This is the reason why most of them fail when it comes to article marketing. However, by using a keyword rich description, you can make sure that your article gets picked up by the right directories and that it has a higher chance of being shared among readers.

Some marketers opt to submit their blog posts to article directories where they can showcase a creative side of their businesses. It is a good idea to showcase your businesses strengths. In this case, you will be able to create content that will draw in visitors and that will turn them into customers. Moreover, you will know which blog posts are generating the most buzz. You can take this into consideration when you are thinking about the design and layout of your blog posts so you can make use of a high quality and entertaining picture to entice readers to read your content.

Final Tips 

Using a high quality template for your blog posts will ensure that your blog site looks professional. Your blog posts must always have links that will allow readers to access the rest of your site. To get started with your blog post creation by copying and pasting content from other sites will give you the chance to learn more about blog templates and how to take advantage of them for your own blog.

Another way to attract traffic to your blog site is to post guest posts on blogs that are related to your niche. By having a link back to your blog, readers will have easy access to your blog post creation by accessing the resource box provided at the bottom of the article. This means that they can read about a specific subject and learn more about you or your business. Furthermore, by including relevant keywords in your guest post, you can increase the chances of search engine results ranking your content.


When you want your blog to become successful, you need to take action by blog post creation by engaging in blog commenting. Blog commenting allows you to interact with others and share your views on a particular subject. As you comment on other people’s blogs, you gain exposure. You may also want to post your blog URL in your email signature so you can easily attract potential customers.

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