Blog Writing Ideas – Intermediate Tips For Generating Traffic With Blogs

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Looking for some blog writing ideas? Well, maybe you already have one in mind but just haven’t found it yet. Do you think that you have all the necessary ingredients to create a blog that can spark off thousands of ideas for blog writing? You better start looking now because here are some ideas that can give you a good start.

Experience is one of the most common blog writing topics today. Suddenly, you too can write about your personal adventures. Personal experiences are always interesting to share. At times, even emotions are spilt out when you blog about your own experiences.

Blog Writing Ideas

A laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table

Blogging is no longer just about sharing ideas. Nowadays, blogs are gaining huge popularity among online marketers and website owners. Why not? Blog traffic has increased tremendously. And the more readers you have, the more chances of making sales and earning huge profits online.

One of the best blog writing ideas that you can follow is to find a niche that you’re really interested in writing about. You need to think about the readership of the niche you’re targeting, then look for a topic that would attract readers of that niche. This is one of the top 10 tips for you to succeed with your own blog.

When it comes to blog post ideas, do some research on the traffic and conversion rates of the blogs that you find. The more traffic they have, the better. A blog without any traffic or any conversions doesn’t reflect poorly on you or your company. However, if your traffic and conversion rate is low, then it’s time to work on your marketing strategies.


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Blog marketing tips often focus on keyword optimization. Keyword optimization is essential if you want to get ideas for your blog posts. The best way to do so is to identify the major search words that most people use to find products and services you offer. Then optimize your articles or blog posts to target these keywords so that your site will show up in search results.

Many bloggers often struggle with their marketing skills. Sometimes, this is because they lack ideas. Other times, they become frustrated because they haven’t found a niche yet. In this case, don’t give up. Keep searching until you find a niche that suits your blog.

Important Consideration

Another important blog post idea is to think about what your biggest problem is and answer your readers’ needs by answering their biggest problem. If your blog post is going to solve a common reader’s biggest problem, then write it in such a way that your readers can’t wait to read it. This way, they’ll keep coming back. By doing this, you’re likely to attract repeat visitors and, therefore, more readers, who are likely to become customers.

Finally, let’s talk about marketing your blog. You can either use “content marketing” or “niche marketing.” Content marketing involves writing content that solves a specific problem for a specific audience. Examples of content marketing include an e-book, video, e-zine, newsletter, or blog post.

Niche blogs are great ideas when you need to promote a small business or as a hobby. However, if you have any aspirations of making money with your blog, chances are, you already have a product to sell. For example, if you’re interested in writing about real estate, you might want to start blogging about it. Just make sure that you’re not writing about the same old thing everyone else is writing about. Write about things that interest you, and that will draw attention to your blog.

One other idea is to build your email list. Most bloggers today have a subscription form on their websites, usually at the top or bottom. Build your email list using this technique. Start offering high-quality freebies to your subscribers, such as information about hot deals on cars, vacations, or whatever else your subscribers would be interested in.


Hopefully, you’ll be able to generate a steady stream of high-quality traffic with the above techniques. These are just a few writing ideas and traffic generating ideas. There are many other ways you can create traffic using social media networks, article directories, backlinks from other blogs, and so forth.

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