Blogging – How Can You Start With It?

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Do you want to start blogging? Starting a blog is one of the easiest things you can do. The tricky part is to create meaningful, compelling content and manage it. Well, that isn’t rocket science either. However, it is more creative than earlier.

Consequently, anyone can create a blog by following simple steps and guidelines, but not everyone makes it big enough. Therefore, before you start to learn how to blog and what a blog should have, let us do a brief session of how to create a blog.

Blogging - How Can You Start With It?
Blogging – How Can You Start With It?

Blogging Identify Your Purpose 

Firstly, you must be clear about your goal of blogging. It can be for experience sharing, knowledge sharing, personal writing, money-making, or improving writing & language skills. 

Blogging Select Your Niche 

Selecting your niche will be your core step. It will follow you like a shadow. Furthermore, jumping into a different niche is difficult and non-performing for many bloggers. Hence, as a beginner, you should stick to one niche. 

Identify The Blogging Platform 

A blogging platform is a space you’ll have to write a blog. These platforms are a part of the content management system.

Examples include WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. Consequently, WordPress is the most widely used blogging software across the globe. 

Select A Domain Name 

Now, for the next step, you will have to select a domain name under dot com, dot net, or any other type. This is your gateway to be heard by the audience. You’ll be known by this name all along your journey.

Moreover, every time a user or reader searches for the content of your blog or niche, your blog will be shown in SERP (search engine results page). 

Blogging Identify Blog-Hosting Site 

A blog hosting site will help you manage your blogging space. Additionally, they can be free or self-hosting. Self-hosting blogs incur some cost, depending upon the package and service. 

Start Writing 

Once all this is done, you should get started with selecting your theme and arrange your page. The next step is to writing your content and posting them.

Furthermore, reaching the audience is all about good quality content, accuracy, regularity, and consistency. Consequently, as your readers increase, the ranking of your blog grows.

Blogging - How Can You Start With It?
Blogging – How Can You Start With It?


You can host sponsors on your blog for advertising. That’s how you can earn from your blog. Selecting right and meaningful ads are your choice (if you’ve got a self-hosting blog). In addition, you can promote it by registering on ad collector websites, Google AdSense, and direct contact with Ad sponsors.

Once you start posting an ad of a sponsor on your blog, every time a user clicks on Ad, you can make money from the sponsor. It works as a pay-per-click system. However, you must ensure that you’re choosing Ads that synchronize with your blog. Otherwise, this may irritate a reader and close your tab.

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