Complete A-Z Guide On Creating A Blog In 20 Minutes

Complete A-Z Guide On Creating A Blog In 20 Minutes

It’s our hobbies that keep us alive when things get dull or hard. You might remember when you were a kid you kept on doing your favorite thing for countless hours. As we grow, time skips our hands due to busy day-to-day tasks. Therefore, how one can keep his/her hobby alive? One such natural and free solution is starting a blog. However, is creating a blog simple?

This guide will show you how you can easily do it in minutes. Hence, get ready to enter into the world of blogging through the step-by-step process.

Complete A-Z Guide On Creating A Blog In 20 Minutes
Complete A-Z Guide On Creating A Blog In 20 Minutes

Introduction Before Creating A Blog

A blog is a kind of website that emphasizes mainly on the content that’s in reach of your interest. Consequently, the content you post is termed as a blog post.

If you have even been surfed on a news or celebrity website, you can see the exact view of the blog.

Creating A Blog Includes

Most of the bloggers write their perception, which enables them to connect with their audience well. In addition to this, the comment section allows them to know whether the reader is in sync with the content or not.

In short, it connects the reader and the blogger. This connection benefits the blogger. Furthermore, it attracts like-minded people. This, in turn, builds loyalty and trust in your reader, thus opening doors to make money. Yeah! You heard it right.

Misconceptions When Creating A Blog

One of the first and foremost misconceptions people carry is whether you require to be a great or professional writer or not. Nonetheless, the truth is that even a novice can start a blog because it’s all about personal perception. So, you can write a conversational style or informal blog without bothering much.

On the other hand, however, you are required to be a great expert on the topic of your pick. To be successful, you need to be consistent and up-to-date. Some of the blog niches are entertainment, business, news, cooking, gardening, etc.

Creating A Blog- Getting Hands Into It

Complete A-Z Guide On Creating A Blog In 20 Minutes
Complete A-Z Guide On Creating A Blog In 20 Minutes

Given below are the things you need to do first. The following steps take less than 20 minutes.

Pick Your Blog Name

You need to pick something descriptive

Get It Online

Register to a reputed blogging platform and get a hosting

Customize Your Blog

You now need to choose a free template and try to tweak it

Write And Publish It After Creating A Blog

This is the funniest part. You are required to write something that excites your audience.

Promote Your Blog

After writing and publishing your need real and organic audience. Therefore, promote it as much as possible

Make Money Through Blogging

Monetize your blog using several options to start making money.

Blog Benefits

Creating a blog allows you to make money at home. One of the most productive activity is blogging, as it will enable you to make a profit in the selected niche.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to be consistent and up-to-date. When everything sets well, you are on the way to make passive income.

Remember, it’s always best to share your experience with your family members and friends.  

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