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My late English teacher taught me the importance of learning. She was not only my english teacher but also my inspiration for learning. The Internet is the most sturdy learning tool in the world. On the internet you can search through a number of websites to find the best and most suitable writing blogs which will suit you and will be worthy of your time. We have compiled a list of websites which are some of the best writing blogs on the internet. However we have not included all the names of the best writing blogs, these are just suggestions which we compiled for you to take help from.

We are suggesting you some of the best creative writing blogs which will help you to boost your writing skills and and will help you to write perfect blogs:

Creative Writing Blog:

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Bryan Collins through this creative writing blog pivot on the need of new writers presently. Bryan Collins writes on self publishing and these genres. He wrote two books on the creative writing topics namely ‘Become a better writer today’ and ‘The power of creativity’. A group of writers looks after the business side of the writing.

Creative Writing Blog:

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Joanna Penn is behind the Creative Writing Penn who is New York Times and USA today best selling thriller author. For writers she also writes books and her half million books have been sold so far. This blog offers more than 350 episodes on writing. Self publishing, marketing and writing are her main focus.

Creative Writing Blog:

This blog offers tips and tricks, courses, alerts about any writing contest and was founded by the teacher Nancy Struss.


Jane Friedman is the most important voice in the era of digital publishing. This is a must read for all the writers and publishers. She published Hot Sheets in Publishers Weekly and having a work experience of 20 years in the field of creative writing.

Creative Writings Blog:

Through this website K.M. Weiland has helped students to learn about the dos and don’ts of creative writing and publishing. She has published more than 1200 blogs on this website for helping writers.

Creative Writing Blog:

This blog was started to help writers become better through continuous learning. This blog was started by Joe Bunting. He offers writing alerts and also provides you with a feedback column.


The best learning comes from experienced writers who have proven into their fields. The above mentioned blogs are of some best experienced writers in this field. So get into these blogs completely to master the art of writing creative blogs and promise you a life long learning experience.

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