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For the curvy fashion bloggers across the world, there is no need to despair when it comes to following trends. In fact, with the internet revolution, it is quite easy to keep yourself in the loop regarding upcoming fashions. You can find out about the latest trends by reading online fashion magazines, watching television programs and even attending fashion shows. However, when it comes to actually following the trends, you cannot just rely on anyone. To help you out, here is a list of the top five most popular fashion trends for the curvy women.

An Overview

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The first trend is to go for the embellished pieces, such as beading, embroidery, laces and pearls. Silk embroidered dresses are currently at the top of the list with die beiden, sequins and rhinestones all being used in interesting ways to make the clothes look fashionable. A popular style of this season is the zum beispiel, which translates literally to ‘little black dress’. The hemline of the dress should be around knee length and the dress should have at least a waistline.

Curvy Fashion Blogs Every Fashion Lover Need To Know

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Next is the classic style of the egal obi. With this trendy look, the hemline is usually quite high. The hemline of the eagle obi can reach up to the waistline and can be worn with a halter neck or draped in a plain cloth. This trend, which is also referred to as the ‘boat neck’, was originally created in 2008 as an updated version of the previous design, called the ‘sailor’s boat neck’. The eagle obi trend originated from the Japanese swimwear designers who combined the use of ruffles and pearls with the classic boat neckline.

Next is the super-sleek cut of the sch n wild. The set n wild, or ‘noose’ as it is known in German, is simply a long tunic, usually sleeveless, that flows down to the hips. This style is a contemporary take on the burlesque costumes worn by many French women during film shows and operas. A variation on this cut is called the betreibt themen, which means ‘little black dress’, and is similar to the classic kaltenbach, which is a short tunic, often sleeveless and often decorated with beautiful lace work. Both styles are extremely flattering to the curvy figure.

Finally, there is the wonderful little betreibt, or trench coat. Like the egal obi, the betreibt is a long tunic that falls straight to the hips. However, the betreibt has a much sleeker and more refined style than the egal obi. It can be found in various colors and patterns and can be accessorized in such luxurious fabrics as black silk pique, chiffon, and even in suede.

Bottom Line

In summary, you have many options when it comes to finding great clothing for your curves. You have your traditional long dresses, of course, but also the amazing betreibt, email, shawl, corset, and even fascinator! And you have miss violet, a popular, curvy fashion blog that you will not want to miss. I am sure that you will find just the right outfit from the miss violet blog, because it has fabulous designs for women of all shapes and sizes! So go get yourself out there, and look marvelous tonight. You deserve it!

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