Directions To Write SEO Blog Writing

seo blog writing

Consider what to write: Our first suggestion would always be to think and give yourself time to think about what to write in your blog post and jot down your thoughts. It is highly recommendable to read a number of articles or content related to – 

  • SEO and Digital Marketing on a regular basis. After reading the articles, go through your notes and decide which topic to cover, and do not forget to set a publishing date for each topic in your content calendar. Always do a detailed analysis to answer the following questions:
  • Particular subject to coat in the blog post
  • Your objective of the blog post such as to get better rankings for a keyword, to get more subscribers, to promote SEO courses, and many more.
  • What and how will the blog post advantage your readers?
  • Build the structure of your blog post: Your post must contain an introduction along with a body and a conclusion, and there you go, the summary of your blog post.

Generally, readers do not read too many large paragraphs or sections, so instead of writing larger sections, always go for 200 words to cover a particular part of the blog so that people do not feel bored while reading your article.

  • Determine the title of your blog: A very important step for SEO blog writing is to draft a good and interesting title. Generally, bloggers prefer different steps to create the blog structure. In order to write a good title, should follow the features:
  • Set a character limit between 55-60.
  • Must contain your keyword.
  • It must be intriguing enough.
  • Blog must contain an accurate description of the content.
  • Work on headings: Work on the headings for your blog post as it will structure the whole page. Headings are essential not only for readability and SEO purposes but also help Google to grasp the main topics of the blog post that can help you in ranking.
  • Use links whenever it makes sense: Use links only when it makes sense. There are numerous advantages of using links in your blog post:
  • To discover new pages on your website.
  • Provides a big hint on what a page is about.
  • It gives users an option to clock on the link and read further.

How To Create A Website For Blog Writing?

SEO Blog
  • Choose a passionate name for your website.
  • Enroll your domain and anchor your website.
  • Insert WordPress.
  • Select the finest WordPress theme or template.
  • Obtain a few important WordPress plug-ins.
  • Increase your block visibility on social media.

List Are The Names Of Free Websites

SEO Blog
  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • LinkedIn
  • Blogger
  • Weebly
  • Medium Tumbler


To conclude, if you are about to release your blog post on social media, then go through the directions or tips that are given below and create a website for your blog writing.

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