Enough To Complete Your Creativity, Feels Smooth To The Touch, And Takes Easily To Take And Adhesive!

A sticker is a labeled item, and when can be used to put in journals, scrapbooks, etc., for decorating purposes. It is made up of many materials, such as vinyl,  paper, plastic, vellum, and many more. It is one side of the sticker that has pressure-sensitive adhesive. The sticker comes in a lot of shapes, designs, colors, styles, and many more. The elementary function of the sticker is to decorate the books, scrapbooking, windows, and many more.  Vellum stickers are a great and practical item for your DIY projects. In the meantime, stickers, also known as vellum tapes, are a kind of paper used in weddings, birthdays, and baby showers. Vellum stickers, also known as the name or number card or envelope, can be used for handmade cards.

Today, stickers come in many types. Children have to use the stickers for decorating the scrapbooking and journal. It comes in multiple colors. It comes in 50 pieces per set. Applying the stickers is very simple. KKSCRAFT is the best brand for vellum sticker ranges. Vellum stickers are an economical way to add a special touch to your card projects. You can get these amazing scrapbooking vellum paper stickers for notes and planer card-making at a manageable cost. You can also find good deals on office and school supplies, scrapbooking and stamping, arts, crafts and sewing, and home and garden! People keep their eye out for promotions and deals, so you get a considerable saving of stickers.


·      Model Number: Its model number is 18052301—your search with the help of the model number.

·         Material: it is ready with Vellum paper, which gives an attractive look.

·     Brand Name: KSCRAFT is the best brand for vellum paper stickers. Its stickers come in under budget.

·         Packing: It has 50pcs/set.

·      Product Type: It is designed for Decoration purposes of the journal, scrapbook, and many more.


·         It is a Cute and decorative item.

·         Make your notes or paper more appealing with these stickers.

·         It is best for scrapbooks, diaries, letters, projects, and cards.

·         Its size is very suitable for easy seeing by every eye.

·         It is based on a simple, functional system.

·         It is the best activity for the child to enhance the IQ level of the child.

·         It is best for Making the journal and scrapbook beautiful.

·         Its stickers come in multiple colors.

·         It is made up of vellum paper which gives a high-quality performance.



·     After some time, the stickers are automatically removed from their place, by adhesive has become loose.

·         These stickers are not for application on the wall.

·         It is mainly designed for children above five years old.

·         The colors of the sticker become rough after some time. 


A scrapbooking vellum paper sticker for notes journals planer card making is best to forgive the attractive looks. It is beneficial for the child to learn new names quickly. Its size is also very suitable for seeing by every eye quickly.  It has the elementary function of use.

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