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fashion blog over 50

Fashion is what is called the trendy styles or get-ups that people follow. Fashion keeps changing and people keep getting updated with the latest styles. Fashion has been now a profession with fashion designers, fashionistas, and many fashion bloggers having a good time on the internet. Almost all the fashion shows represent the young beauty of women. But what about when women age. Here are some women who have proved wrong the world that fashion has something to do with age. The Fashion Blog Over 50 would be a journey introducing these great women with a great sense of fashion. 

Fashion Blog Over 50

So here are some of the names of famous Fashion Bloggers who are aged above 50. The beauty would surely make it unbelievable to believe these women being over 50. In the list, the very first name is Lyn Slater also known as the accidental icon. By having the followers like the half of the million followers in the social media like Instagram and also this fashion blogger has been featuring in the famous Marie Claire, Elle magazine, and yes cosmopolitan too. 

Fashion Blog Over 50 Ideas

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In the blog, one can find that, an accidental icon, where one can find the assortment of vogue-worthy beautiful outfits and as well as the updates of the blogger’s amazing and interesting day-to-day life and her amazing thoughts. As following the first name the second one is Beth Djalili. This fashion blogger is ditched to her hometown of Omaha. Beth djalali writes for most of the multiple publications and also, an award-winning blog. The outfits are featured in the famous reader’s digest, the telegraph, and also in the pop sugar.

Fashion Blog Over 50 – The Inspiration

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As when it comes to the Fashion Blog Over 50 there are so many names that one can find easily anywhere but these which are mentioned above are the most famous Fashion Blog Over 50. Here is some more famous bloggers’ name like Cathy Williamson which also famous for the middle page. With having the greatest highlight of her in the fashion blog is the chic at every age series, where there are some collaborations with the three fashion bloggers too where it also represented in every age group between the 20 and 60. 

In the list, here comes Dorrie Jacobson. This fashionista is also known in the name of senior style bible. The blogger in the term age-appropriate has become very famous. The reason behind it is because the ageless fashion beauty which is the most main theme that this blogger has behind the senior style bible. In the list of the most famous Fashion Blog Over 50, the last but not the least name that comes in the list is Gail Hanlon, who is very much famous for its creative blogging outlet and the great way of meeting the minded women for the Gail. 


Those are some of the top fashion bloggers over the age of 50 because these women believe that being the age over 50 is not meant to say goodbye to the most famous trend of design which is flirty and fun.

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