Fashion Jackson – Becoming A Fashionista In No Time

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Fashion has had an immense impact on human life and human behavior from the very beginning of human civilization. From Ancient- medieval-modern times people focused more on how they are dressed as it drives the pleasure of being superior over poor people. Nowadays the followers of new trends in the Fashion Industry have increased immensely. A devoted follower of Fashion who follows each and every fashion that is trending in the market and promotes it, is called Fashionista/Fashion Jackson. The fashion industry is a million-dollar industry that always influences ordinary people’s lives. Nowadays social media platforms are mostly used by Fashion Jackson for promoting new trends. Fashion can cover up many items like footwear, accessories, beauty tips, jewelry. 

History of Fashion

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From the time people started creating clothes to cover their bodies, style and fashion started evolving. Charles Frederick Worth was the first fashion designer of the world from 1862-1895. He was the first person to establish a fashion house in Paris from where it started the rise of fashion houses. His designs attracted many people. This was the beginning of fashion in the modern world. It is not like that fashion started in the 19th century, before that also people use to dress according to their affordability and

as per the trend in their class/ caste. From ancient times people focus on clothing as it denotes their wealth and social status.  

History of Fashion in India

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Indian fashion is mostly known for its cultural heritage, ethnicity, elegance, and colorfulness. Indian fashion covers a wide range of clothing from casual wear to a wedding, traditional to modern, rural style to urban style. Rohit Khosla started the fashion industry in India when he first co-founded “Ensemble” in 1987. Fashion Jacksons are always influenced by Indian fashion style  like nowadays there is a trend of combining Indian style with western style. 

Fashion Takeover

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion Everywhere is Fashion. Only the platform has been changed from offline to online. People are getting influenced by Fashion Jacksons on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. As Lockdown has been imposed there is a decrease in fashion trends as people are using very casual dresses at home. But  nowadays there has been an increase in Fashion Jackson as they promote trends among youngsters. Online shopping and pop culture has become a new fashion trend among youngsters.


As the lockdown begins fashion trends have been changed from skinny, tight clothes to loose comfy clothes. Youngsters nowadays are preferring pajamas over jeans as there is no point in going outside, More or less they have to attend zoom calls. But due to which youngsters are becoming too lazy and dull. But whatever might be the situation, everyone wants to follow trends. Fashion is like a History it always repeats itself. For example Retro styles have been followed nowadays. Many Fashion comes and goes but after some time again they are repeated, 90’s styles are trending nowadays. Even though Lockdown affected the fashion industry to some extent, this phase will go with time and again new trends will come. 

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