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A few months ago I did a fashion blog on some hot trends for winter. I looked at what’s hot & trendy in the summer, what’s not & looked at some good bargains. Today I am looking at winter & boots & snow boots. If you want a blog on one or two brands, that’s fine, I’m not going to harass you. But if you want to read the thoughts of a woman who wears all of these things, that’s perfect too!

Here are some of the winter amazon fashion hauls I thought you may want to read about! (all come in multiple shades & have good reviews) really wish you’d found some great stuff in the winter amazon fashion hauls! I am loving the new oxfords boots coming out and they’re quite a bit more colorful than they were previously available. Also, the crochet booties with crocheting details are also awesome.

Amazon Fashion Blog

A pair of glasses on a blanket

Silk & satin crochet boots for winter are just so cute. They come in many different shades of white, tan, or chocolate brown. I’m wearing a red pair right now and they’re so cute on my slender legs. I actually really like the patterned ruffle around the bottom of them too, I think it’s a cute detail too that helps to break up the look a little.

These chunky silver ornaments made by Pandora have been flying off the shelves since early December. So now they’re a little hard to find, but they are back in stock and they look gorgeous. There was a big discount last time I saw them but there may be even bigger reductions coming up so get your little ones in before they are sold out. They come with a lot of details like chain stitches on the laces, a satin ribbon bow around the chain, and a big turquoise charm at the center. They also come in a variety of colors like blue and turquoise for those of you who prefer a lighter-colored charm.

Crocheted ear socks or “belly bags” have been a must-have for winter. They give the look of wide hips and a nice flat stomach without really showing anything. Amazon offers a wide variety of these colors including black and navy. I especially like how the navy looks because it pretty much goes with everything I own!

A Much Ado

Last but not least is this stunning fall coat. I have a small black one, but it fits into the fall theme nicely. The design is a bit complicated but it’s so cute. It has a plaid fabric across the front and the sleeves are reversible so you can wear it with a sweater or with a pair of jeans. It will keep you warm on those long days like now.

This last photo I’ll show you comes from an actual article on the Amazon Fashion Blog. It shows several dresses that the Amazon folks suggest you try. Each dress is designed for spring/summer, so you can see what styles are appropriate for the upcoming season. From cute tees to dresses for the colder months, you’re sure to find something that looks great on you. This is just a taste of the beautiful fashion looks you can get when you visit the Amazon Fashion Blog.

Final Words

All in all, there are so many things to look forward to in fashion. And being a Florist here in Southern California, I can’t help but take notice of all the latest trends. My only regret is that I don’t live close enough to shop in all of them! My advice is to shop at the Amazon Fashion Blog! It’s the next best thing to do to the mall. And they deliver!

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