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Australia is home to many creative people and a thriving fashion industry that has launched world-renowned brands such as Sass & Bide, Zimmermann, and Dion Lee. Along with stunning designers come incredibly creative and bloggers as well. Here’s a summary of the top 6 fashion bloggers that also need to be watched.

Couple And Reserve

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Although the blogger behind A Pair & A Spare, Geneva Vanderzeil, based in Hong Kong, grew up in Australia. As his Instagram account (with more than 150,000 followers) shows, he regularly returns to the ground. His blog began as a DIY fashion blog that now covered both lifestyle and travel, as its name suggests. It publishes standard guidelines on how to turn essential, inexpensive articles into seemingly trendy items.

Harper And Harley

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Suppose you stick to minimalism you’ll love Sad Donaldson’s blog, Harper and Harley. It inspires its loyal readers (more than 800,000 followers) to wear pieces of the statements and kick the black, white, and gray neutral-colored wardrobe. Maybe you can recognize Sara from E too! The show, fashion bloggers. Sara has many posts about beauty, and once you see her flawless skin, you can find out what’s worth paying attention to.

They All Hate Us

This trendy blog is a collection of ideas from two best friends, Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton. The blog started with sharing their favorite fashion looks, quotes, and photos and has grown to become one of the country’s most prominent fashion blogs, with plenty of international readers. Wolf was obsessed with their occasional chic look, so they even expanded into an online store in demand.

Shine By Three

Behind the incredibly elegant, sophisticated fashion blog lies Zhang Margaret. DespitMargaret’s’sDespitMargaret’s’s occupation of law, she managed to build an incredibly influential blog that has also become a photographic and creative business, with global brands such as UNIQLO, Swarovski, Clinique, Lexus, Swisse, Matches, and Louis Vuitton. Door for your services.

Tash Oakley

Tash Oakley is half the duo behind” “The Bikini of the D “y,” which is an excellent inspiration for Australia’s sunshine. He has gathered nearly two million followers who admire his appearance and launched two fashion brands, Monday Swimwear and Monday Active. If you want inspiration to start a fitness campaign or ideas for your next beach vacation, look no further.

Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne is one of Australia’s most prominent fashion bloggers. Go back in 2009, when was first introduced as a retro eCommerce platform, to the point that the blogging superstar has an incredible 1.464.726 followers on Instagram. Each post brings us into a full-blown daydream moodWarne’s’smoodWarne’s’s career has taken the girl of Elle Australia and the Americas Fortunate Magazine on her honeymoon (Net-a-Porter).

Last But Not The Least: Tuula Vintage

The #1 blogging globetrotter to join for a combination of fashion and travel is Jessica Stein. What began as a hobby recording her travel pictures for friends and family has since developed into a personal design blog that brings us with her across the globe – several times. The Tuula Retro blog is the essence of wanderlust, encouragement for those seeking to visit the most beautiful corners of the planet.

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