Finding Fashion And Lifestyle Blog Names To Help You Start An Online Business

What makes great fashion and lifestyle blog names? It’s not what you post about; it’s the name. Whether you’re a designer, a blogger, an editor, a reporter, or just someone who loves fashion and high-fashion, you need to have a great fashion blog name so people can find you.

You know the old saying: “A brand name makes a blog a website?” Well, that’s why you need a great blog name. It’s because your name will represent who you are and what you do, as well as what your favorite brands are. That’s why so many people blog under fake pen names.

Fashion and lifestyle blogs have become one of the most popular types of blogs these days, partly because celebrities are more accessible and the contents they talk about are so interesting. Celebrities are able to influence young and old readers alike with their words. That means they are great topics for blogs.

Fashion And Lifestyle Blog Names

But more than that, readers like to be surprised by something that the celebrity has done. Bloggers want to share the surprises that they have. Lifestyle blogs deal with current events. That means you’ll talk about what’s going on in your city or state. And even more important, you can link your readers back to your other blogs.

One of the hottest blog names right now is called Just Sayin, and it’s dedicated to fashion. Each post includes a question and answers section, and readers get to vote on the most useful answers. The top question and answer choices win a prize. There are also blog name contests going on all the time at the same places.

Another hot spot is at Allure, a site dedicated to beauty and style. The site is moderated and has a very laid-back feel to it. The blog itself features fashion and beauty tips from industry insiders. You’ll read everything from what to wear on an important occasion to what makes a guy look good on his girlfriend. It’s all here for your reading pleasure.


A woman wearing a blue shirt

If you’re not sure how to choose a blog name, check out Boomerang. Boomerang is a blog that originally focused on news related to golf. But it quickly evolved into a community for anyone interested in anything golf-related. You can read posts from readers and comment on ones you find interesting. You can also connect with other bloggers by sending them messages through Boomerang. It’s a social networking site for people who love to blog.

Whether you’re into fashion or just trying to stay healthy, there’s plenty of blogs out there you can read. You should check out some of the current top names in the fashion and lifestyle categories. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Just remember to choose a name that will reflect you and your opinions on lifestyle trends.

Things To Know

Have you ever noticed how celebrities get ahead of the latest trends? If you have, then maybe it’s time you started a blog about your favorite celebrities and what they’re up to. You can share what you learn about fashion and life from Hollywood with others who are interested in the same things. You can start topics about fashion and lifestyle trends and then use them as jumping-off points to write about new movies, concerts, and TV shows that are making waves this season.

You might also find a new name for yourself when you read up on other blogs you enjoy reading. Take a minute and see what others are sharing about. You can use these quotes to create posts on your own blogs or even on your own website.

Bottom Line

Even if you don’t want to write about what you find, you can still add a fresh perspective by adding photos and blurbs to your fashion and lifestyle blog. If you like what you see, you’ll want to take the photo or post the image on your blog so others can see it. The more you put on your blog, the better chance you’ll have of convincing people to visit often.

Once you find a few blogs you enjoy reading, you can start adding more to your own blog. You can do this either by posting an article on your own site or creating a new page for each one of your existing blogs. You can even link all of your blogs together. If you have a lot of lifestyle or fashion blogs, this can be a good way to expand your business.

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