Free Blog Writing Ideas For Beginners – A Learners Guide

free blog writing

Are you new to blogging? Here’s an article for you on creating a blog and some Free blog writing tips to enhance the content of your blog! Creating blogs is one of the most famous mediums to share your thoughts and opinions in the modern world. Writing blogs has its origins in the 1990s when people were just sharing their personal life or the things they preferred at that time. Today, a blog is more of an informational website where people still cover their personal lives, and it is also used for online brand advertising.

Free Blog Writing

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There are currently more than 570 million blogs on the World Wide Web, which are constantly increasing. The number of blogging writers alone in the USA estimates to around 32 million. Without wasting any further of your time, here are some Free blog writing tips you can check out before starting your blog.

How to Start Your Blog?

The entire process of writing a blog takes less time than making a plan for what to write exactly. Sit down and think about what to write. Choose a topic you want to write on and then do appropriate research on the topic. Once you have decided on a topic, create a basic outline or the blog format, and then start writing.

Step 2: Pick a Good Blog Name and Niche

The next step is to decide on a good name for your blog. Pick a name depending upon the type of content you will be uploading on your blog. Creating unique headlines will also attract a lot of readers to your blog.

Step 3: Select a Blogging Platform

To post your blog somewhere, you need a blogging platform. Research some of the best blogging platforms that suit your preferences. Currently, blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr are some of the most popular among well-known bloggers.

Step 4: Start Writing Your Post

Once you’ve decided on your format, start writing your post in your unique manner. Also, remember to read other resources apart from the internet to enrich your content. Always use simple language and avoid complicated words.

Step 5: Connect a Domain

A domain name is a name that will be visible to the users on the internet. It’s a unique web address that will only belong to your blogsite. Also, finding a good web host will increase the chances of having a more successful blog.

Tips You Should Know

Free blog writing is a very popular hobby in the modern generation. Before creating your blog:

Remember to follow the specific instructions above.

If you are writing a personal blog, add some images, humor, and simple words to enhance your blog’s writing.

Choose good and interesting topics to increase engagement, and use social media sites to share your blogs.


If you are planning to start a blog writing career, then you should make sure you follow all the steps and stay careful and consistent throughout the journey.

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