How to get a best Writing blog jobs

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Blogging jobs are one of those career opportunities which you can get easily based on your writing skills. Blogging can be a hobby or a way to build your brand. With the advancement of blogging as a career, this job opportunity is getting wider day by day. A blogging job is not only limited to writing content. It also includes content developers, branding, promotion, analytics, social media promotions, advertisement manager and so on.

Prepare an attractive blog job resume/portfolio.

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Your resume should be online, showcasing your work. So, make it interesting with the information which the recruiter would be looking for. Instead of showing them number of posts written by you, show them 3 – 4 posts which show your work and level of writing. Some important things that you would need to include in your resume are – your personal blog, your niche or the topics you have expertise over, years of experience, any blogging award received or a strong social media profile will also work. Make sure to keep your resume compact and give special attention to details. Your details should be presented a systematic way.

Sample writing

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Always present your best written articles or blogs that you have written. Here, you cannot just share a link of your blog and expect them to go through everything. This is a very common mistake made by people while applying for a blogging job. Building and showing your skills through your personal blog are a great start. So, your selection of “Quality Articles” can be a deciding factor in selecting you or not. By inspecting the content shown by you, they will be able to make an assumption about the level of your writing.


Another factor which can help you to secure a good blogging job is the recommendation. Recommendations from the blogs where you used to work or from blogs where you used to guest blog. Bigger the recommendation, more are your chances of landing an incredible blogging job.


These kinds of job mostly get paid for writing jobs and you can even work from the comfort of your home. The amount of money depends upon the type of job you are getting. Your quality of writing and expertise in the niche is also a deciding factor. The money earned by bloggers or content writers can vary from $1 to $250. Make sure that you are fully committed to your work and perform and finish your work on time.


There are a number of websites out there which offers part-time or full-time work to bloggers to write for them. You can also take advantage of some websites such as or to find full-time or part-time work related to blogging or content – writing. You can comfortably search for work in the field in which you expertise. If you have managed to start a blog, then working on your blog content to keep your future readers engaged and satisfied is a major step.

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