How To Start Blog Writing? Simple Methods!

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In the age of modernization,  we have lots of sources of information. No matter what information you need, it is all available through the internet. It is time to wonder how this information gets available to you. Notably, it is through blogs that information is easily available to you. When you don’t have the knowledge, everything looks complicated. If you are wondering the same about writing a blog, then it is good to notice that it is not very difficult.

Consequently, with some points, it will become easy for you to write a blog. 

How To Start Blog Writing? Simple Methods!
How To Start Blog Writing? Simple Methods!

Choose Blogging Platform- Blog Writing:

This is the first step where you have to look for a blogging platform you are comfortable with. There are lots of platforms available, and you can choose from a variety of options. However, it is found most people choose the WordPress platform as it is readily accessible and has several features in it.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner, then it is good to select WordPress as it has lots of features with it like themes, font, etc. With time, you can move to a new platform based on your preference, like a tumbler, blogger, or another sophisticated platform.

Free Or Self-Hosting:

WordPress, tumbler, and blogger provide a free blogging service. However, the most important thing to focus right now is if you are serious about writing a blog or not.

Free services given by these platforms are only for you if you are not serious about blogging. It is because free blogging will not give you benefits to feature your name in it, and you will be insecure.

Moreover, your precious time can be lost as you cannot manage your written blogs.

How To Start Blog Writing? Simple Methods!
How To Start Blog Writing? Simple Methods!

If you wanted to get featured and going for self-hosting then you can get all the benefits of your work. You have to pay only some amount to become a master of your blog. Self-hosting will feature your domain name at first to make it more impressive to visitors who will go through your blog.

With it, you will be able to manage your blog, update it based on your preference, and make changes simply.

Focus On Design-Blog Writing:

Many times, people write useful blogs, but people don’t notice it. It is because of its unimpressive design. There are lots of design patterns you can get through WordPress and another platform you choose.

Therefore, simply focus on setting a good design to your blog in such a way that it matches with your topic and makes it more sensible. Unnecessary designs you put do not help people understand your concept you want to explain and make it worse. Make it simple with effective and sensible terms. 


Writing a blog is not only an excellent way to express your thoughts, but it is an alternative way to make money. Anyone can write a blog in their free time. So, to become a professional blogger, go through these points. 

Writing is the best option to bring out the best of you. Sometimes you have good thoughts but don’t know where to express it. With blogging, you can share information and communicate with several people. 

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