Is Creating An Instagram Blog Is A Good Idea?

Is Create An Instagram Blog Is A Good Idea?

If you wish to start a blog on Instagram, but you don’t wish to manage a website, then you come to the correct post! Well, the Instagram blog is easy, quick, and can be completed within an hour. So, continue to read to know the proper steps to start your own blogs on Instagram. 

Blogging has grown over time and it acts as the place where people get knowledge and has modified too. However, its one of the main transformations is it’s shift from websites hosted blogs to people microblogging.

 A microblog is a method to share information through small posts- Twitter or Instagram!

Is Create An Instagram Blog Is A Good Idea?
Is Create An Instagram Blog Is A Good Idea?

Starting an Instagram blog would also drop under this sphere of microblog, and the good news is people don’t require managing the writing length, web design, or webbing hosting to start the blogging on Instagram. 

You guys may think that what is microblog actually, so don’t worry, we have further descriptions for you.

What Is A Microblog?

Notably, it is sharing your thoughts on the platform of social media. It is really uncomplicated. Making an Instagram blog will permit you to share thoughts with wide people but also offer you the opportunity to obtain rewarded for your posts by the brand partnership and products showcasing.

Instagram blog Advantages

Instagram blogging surely has a bonus. You don’t require to tense about writing 1000+ words content and controlling a website. This is because some brands use Instagram as their article to increase their shop.

They use Instagram because it permits them to improve the shop by attracting their audience through their posts and stories of Instagram.

On increasing sales, brands become able to contact directly via comments and direct messages with their clients, which offers them the chance to develop the brand and customer relationship.

After the benefits of Instagram blogs, now we have to talk about is the Instagram blogging idea is good or not. Thus, let’s see the section below and know furthermore about it.

Is Instagram Blog a Good thought?

Do we advise an Instagram blogging and ONLY on the Instagram platform?

According to us, it is better if you use the website to start a blog as well. You have more organized your article and can improve a list of emails, advertise your products, and increase your biz much more.

Is Create An Instagram Blog Is A Good Idea?
Is Create An Instagram Blog Is A Good Idea?


If you want to start a blog on Instagram, then you can be easily by this popular platform. However, sometimes it has some downfalls also. Sometimes your profile could be hacked or face technical problems so you could lose each and every content as well as efforts.

The same situation could possible with your website also, but the only good thing about the website is it’s able to restore things from backup. While on the Instagram profile, you are not able to restore your content if ones hacked.

Hopefully, you will understand all the things clearly and will choose the best platform.

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