Keeping Your Fashion Blog Over 40 In Shape

fashion blog over 40

If you have a talent for fashion or know a friend who does, then it might be time to create a fashion blog. The best part is that you will be the one controlling how the content is released to the public. So how do you go about doing that? Well, following are some tips to help you along. You will need to spend some time getting organized so these tips will help you get a platform for expanding your business quickly.

First, when you set up your new blog it will take quite some time to type in all of your posts and get them posted. Therefore, set up a word processing program like Microsoft Word. Type in your posts one at a time onto the Word program’s page. Then type in a title above each one. This will help the Word program to know what each of your posts are about.

An Overview

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Next, you will want to set up a password for your blog. This will keep everyone from messing up your blog by typing in the wrong words. Also, it will keep you from losing all of your posts because they were stolen by an unauthorized person. To do this, go to your passwords manager and set up a password that is difficult to guess. Create a backup password so that if you lose your Word password you can always restore it.

Now that your fashion blog is finally up and running, you will want to do a few things with it. One thing that you will want to do is to post as often as you can on your blog. However, you will want to make sure that you only do so once a week. Too often, people post too many posts on their blogs and then forget about them. They then never get any comments or interaction on their posts which hurts their business.

Plus Size Fashion Blog

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Another thing you will want to do is keep all of your old posts. Most people forget about old posts when they update their blog. This is why it is important to have all of your posts saved even when you are not updating your blog. You never know when you might need them. Also, it helps your blog appear more professional if you have a way to find past posts.

You will want to have a way to categorize your posts. It is very common for a blogger to leave their blog up all day long and then come back to it later for some comments. While this may be fine for someone that just wants to read their daily post, it is not ideal for a blogger that hopes to make some money off of their posts. You will want to create a way to sort your posts out by category so that you can keep track of everything easily.

A final thing you will want to look into is setting up an email newsletter. This will be very similar to your auto responder. In fact, you may find that you will want to use the same set up to communicate with your readers as your auto responder. This newsletter will allow you to keep in touch with your readers and give you a new avenue to do so.

In The End

Keeping your blog up to date is very important if you are a blogger over 40. You do not want to look like a dog that is constantly posting outdated information. It will also help other bloggers if they can find out what your blog is about at some point. These are just a couple of things that you should think about to make sure you have a successful blog that makes you some money.

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