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Let’s get real here… If you really want to journal your life, then lifestyle blogging is a great way to share that with family and friends. And it’s an excellent way to communicate from the other side of the planet. Basically, a blog is a powerful tool simply because major search engines quickly index its contents. There are two main types of lifestyle bloggers; let’s have a look at how these lifestyle blogs are monetized!

1) Lifestyle Blogging


Are you hip, outgoing, fun, entertaining, cool? Well, then a lifestyle blog may just be for you! However, the idea of a Lifestyle blog is to come across as friendly, FUNNY, and upbeat.

Apart from that, lifestyle blogging gives you a cool “celebrity” status, especially if your content is interesting, has nice photos, and is quirky and humorous.

Well, if your viewership is high enough, product/venue reviews or advertising space can be used to monetize your blog. Perhaps the most reliable way is to blog a post where you try a specific product or visit a nightclub as part of your lifestyle and then write your experience about it. Now, as they advertise products in movies, an Aston Martin or BMW in James Bond, if you are a lifestyle blogger, you can do the same, where you creatively showcase the product by weaving the product in as part of what you did today.

A couple of examples of Lifestyle blogs you can check out are:

– Xia Xue (

– Angela Leow Gray (

So if you’re young, write well, and are good with the digital camera, you might like to create a lifestyle blog. 

2) Professional Niche Blogging

A laptop computer sitting on top of a cutting board

A professional blog provides specific tips and ideas to a particular niche that solves a certain problem. The dynamics of a professional blog are different from a lifestyle blog, and so is monetization.

However, a professional blogger always writes from the reader’s perspective and point of view. Apart from that, he or she does not write about himself. He writes about how he or she can offer value and benefit to another person, and often to solve a certain problem.

3) Professional Blogger Or Lifestyle Blogger?

It’s much easier to make money blogging professionally because you don’t need a very large audience or a ton of traffic to earn a huge income from this blog. Instead, people that visit these blogs are ready to spend money to gain from a program or product. 

When someone requires to fixing something in their life, they will pay a lot of money to do so. That is why a professional lifestyle blogger doesn’t require a big, general audience when all they require is a small, targeted audience with a big problem.

On the other hand, a lifestyle blogger entertains a wide audience, and folks who visit these blogs usually aren’t in the mindset to purchase something. They’re mostly there to be entertained!

As a professional lifestyle blogger, most of the income will come from advertisers and sponsors pertaining to your particular lifestyle. However, the more traffic and eyeballs you can get to your site, the more money you stand to make. The blog requires to be creative, updated to keep people coming back. And that’s more of a labor of passion. Most lifestyle blogs start more as a hobby rather than a 6 figure marketing/advertising/product endorsement platform.

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