Major Benefits Of Anonymous Writing Blog – Know How To Start Writing Blog Anonymously

anonymous writing blog

Blogging is an effortless way to start your earnings if you are interested in photography, writing, or other online media. Before writing a blog, you need to know some basic things about blogging and the type of blogging you should do. While blogging, you will always find it challenging to decide whether you should share your personal information or not. Anonymous blogging will not make and change your earning, and you will be gaining by not revealing your identity. Anonymous writing blog is the best option if you are not willing to share your personal information. You can keep your eye on every blogging mistake.

Always remember that if you are starting an Anonymous writing blog, you should use an anonymous email account to register the blog. Also, ensure that you are not logging in to your IP address when you post or write the blog. You can also use any anonymous blogging platform, and you should not use your fictional name anywhere else. In the world of increasing political environment, there is a little risk of publishing anything online. You can start an Anonymous writing blog if you want to express your opinions and do not want any impact on your life.

Why Should You Do Anonymous Writing Blog

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Personal Freedom

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While writing anonymously, you can enjoy your freedom. For example, if you are writing blogs for a particular company, you will only promote it. You can say anything negative about it. But if you are writing anonymously, you have the freedom to express your genuine opinions or to express something real. It will not leave any impact on your profession.

No One Will Judge You

You can express your true self or what you want to say, and no one will judge you for your opinions. While Anonymous is writing a blog, you can be a speaker, a poet, or personality you want. It will benefit you in choosing any topic you wish to, whether it is out of your profession. You can be the most comedic or very harsh, whatever you want. Anonymous writing blog is the best way if you want full freedom while writing.

Should You Go For An Anonymous Writing Blog

It depends on you. What is your perception? If you are writing a blog on a particular subject or issue going on in society, then you should go for an Anonymous writing blog as it will protect you from haters or from those who are against you. But if you will do blogging for a long time and want to be a famous blogger. Then Anonymous writing blog is not the perfect option for you. Always be wise while making any choice. If you’re going to highlight a particular issue in society, then it is advisable to do blogging anonymously. Otherwise, it will affect your real life. You might have to face specific problems caused by the controversy.


Now, you know what an Anonymous writing blog is and make a perfect choice by keeping in mind all pros and cons of your blog. This content will surely benefit you while writing for the blog.

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