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Excess fat tissue or fat can accumulate in the chest area of men. This fatty deposit appears like ‘man breasts’. While weight gain is a common reason for man breasts, it could also happen due to some other underlying conditions. This condition of increase in fatty deposits is called pseudogynecomastia. Man breasts can also develop due to gynecomastia – hormonal imbalance. Whatever the condition, man breasts are very embarrassing and frustrating. But it is possible to get rid of male breasts by sculpting your chest muscles with proper strength training, cardiovascular exercise and healthy diet.

Sculpting your Chest with Strength Training

  • Build your chest muscles.
  • Pushups really help in sculpting the chest muscles. 
  • You can also strengthen your chest muscles by pressing some amount of weight up from your chest.
  • There are a lot of benefits of using dumbbells as you are forced to engage multiple muscles in your shoulders, back and arms. Always increase your weight gradually and ensure that the weight you choose allows you to maintain your posture and control.
  • Flat Bench Press keeps your back flat and slows your decline. 
  • Posture is very important. While performing presses, planks and pushups, many do not concentrate on the right posture.

Making Lifestyle and Dietary Changes:

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  • Rule out Gynecomastia:

It is important to rule out the possibility of gynecomastia. You need to see your doctor who will check if you have this medical condition which causes male breast tissue to grow because of hormonal imbalance. If not checked soon, it can also lead to male breast cancer.

  • Eat a healthy diet:

Avoid junk food and alcohol. Choose a very healthy diet plan for a month. Include lots of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy. If possible, totally avoid fat and sugar consumption. Cutting out sugar and starch from your diet works like magic and you will see drastic results immediately. Sugar is also present in bread, beer and chocolates and so it is better to cut off all these processed food items for a month if  you want to get rid of your man boobs within a month. Also hydrate yourself properly. Adequate amount of water helps in healthy weight loss and overall well-being.

All these above mentioned help in getting rid of man breasts in a month. You need to plan a proper diet and a workout structure. Remember that spot reduction is not possible and so you will lose weight overall, when you try to lose your fatty breast tissue. Also, what is most important is to rule out any medical condition from your doctor as this might lead to serious complications later. You can also ask your gym instructor to make you perform only those exercises which concentrate on losing fat in your chest area. Exercising under the guidance of a trained instructor will yield better and quicker results.

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