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paid blog writing jobs

The world is full of hard-working professionals. Amongst them, writers, bloggers, and content writers are some souls who live up to their tunes and are way beyond the crowd. Where the rest of the world works in a fixed pattern concerning the time, place, work environment, and workplace culture, writers and bloggers are nowhere bounded. 

They are not just the eagles of the sky but the skies themselves.

There are a number of some top paid blog writing jobs websites and portals that are in search of such excellent writers or bloggers. If you are a dedicated writer or blogger, much aware of the current world scenario of content writing, there are various quality paid blog writing jobs waiting for you.

Top Paid Blog Writing Jobs Websites And Portals

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Underneath, we have drafted a thorough list of some quality paid blog writing jobs websites and portals specific to the particular niche they follow. These may boost your passion for being a freelancer along with availing a decent remuneration.

Godaddy Garage

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The Garage is a very popular Godaddy’s blog for quality web professionals, freelancers, and small business owners. It offers part-time paid blog writing jobs that are definitely worth it. 

Requirements: Articles on website designing and development, WordPress, client handling, creating and growing a business, business management, etc.

Remuneration: Starting from $100 per article

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs is a popular blog portal for freelancers that specializes in providing them quality job leads.

This blog portal only posts about high-quality paid blog writing jobs, as they are not linked with the low-paying ones. It posts multiple job opportunities daily, along with job sightings and articles about freelancing.

Bitch Media

This is a boon for the feminists out there. The Bitch Media calls the writers for paid blog writing jobs covering content for their print magazine and online publication houses.

Requirements: Articles with a word count between 1200-3000 about thoughtful feminism as a direct response to mainstream media and current culture.

Remuneration: $150 to $1000 per article

Write Naked

This blog provides paid blog writing jobs to the writers to help the other writers grow. They keep the submission window open for a while, during which the writers submit their work for approval.

Requirements: Articles with a word count between 450-600 words about the latest publishing trends, writing styles, interviews of successful and experienced literary people and writers.,  

Remuneration: $75 for each approved article


Writing is no less than meditation. While meditating, the way you try to dive into your inner self to achieve enlightenment, you need to dive into the deepest oceans of thoughts to derive the precious pearl in the form of your words.

Several paid blog writing jobs websites and blog portals are willing to pay writers or bloggers for high-quality content as per the pre-decided guidelines. The category of articles or blogs ranges from product reviews to tutorials, from fashion blog posts to the current hot national affairs, from education to sports, and much more. The industry is vast and offers great opportunities for the paid blog writing jobs to those dedicated and wise enough to grab it.

So if you are the one, this article is a gateway to the world of paid blog writing jobs.

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