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Choosing the best blogging platform for your site can be difficult. There are so many different options and features that it can be confusing. You want to choose the blogging platform that is going to help you the most and not hinder your blogging activities. Here are some tips to help you in choosing the best blogging platform for your site:

Determine Your Purpose – You need to decide whether or not you are going to use the platform just as a regular website to share information with friends and family or you want to build a powerful business website that gets started every time someone visits your site. Check out blogging platforms and template systems on the market if you’re interested in fully customized themes and templates. If that’s not important to you, go with a basic, stripped down blogging platform. Most of the best blogging platforms are available for free but do come with a domain of your own. If you want to host your own domain and get started quickly, consider a platform that is hosted by a hosting company like HostGator.

What Type of Content Will You Use Your Platform To Host – The best blogging platform for beginners is a fully featured content editor. These are usually simple programs used to create posts, upload content from existing web pages and edit existing content from a database or content repository. Popular platforms include WordPress and TypePad. Popular blog engines like Blogger use WordPress as their default platform but users can also use other popular engines.

What Type of Ads Can You Advertise On – Most people who are into blogging are interested in monetizing their blogs. Some people will set up their own monetization platform while others will use a free content management system and then monetize their blog using third party advertising like Google AdSense and Affiliate programs. A popular blogging platform for monetizing a blog is Joomla. Blogging platforms that are used for making money include Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs.

Can I Make Money With This Blog Platform? Yes! Almost all of the most popular blogging platforms provide a monetization platform where you can make money online. Some of the more popular free tier blogging sites such as WordPress have an extensive plugin library with over 500 plugins available for download.

Why Would Anyone Want to Use WordPress As Their Blogging Platform – WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. Millions of people around the globe log on to WordPress to publish articles, publish comments and share information. It is an open source project that works great for many people. WordPress was developed by the famous search engine company, Google. The reason why Google developed this popular platform was because it provides users with tools to manage their blogs in a better way that is not possible with other platforms such as Blogger or LiveJournal.

Summing Up

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So how do you start blogging? If you are looking to monetize your content, then WordPress is a great platform to start. There are many themes to choose from and most of them are very simple to install and use. Once you get your blog set up and running you can easily move into making and selling your own products to make a very nice profit!

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