Top 3 Fashion Blog Names To Choose From

fashion blog names

Fashion blogs are usually written by fashion enthusiasts who are also regular internet users. There are many types of fashion blogs. Some are based on a particular designer or clothing manufacturer, some discuss a particular style of dress, and others provide general information on how to look stylish.

There are many different ways of naming fashion blog names. You can choose one that is already taken by another blog, or come up with your own naming ideas based on the nature of your writing. Some people prefer to use words that are already used on the internet, such as terms like “trend” or “blog.” Branding yourself as a fashion guru is another great idea. Other bloggers may not want to be associated with a label, but still want to be recognized for their fashion savvy.


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If you have a blog that reviews the latest trends and styles, you might consider using names similar to fashionistas in other sites. Fashionistas’ names could also be inspired by other bloggers within your niche. Fashionistas’ names are most effective when they are used in articles and comments.

Bloggers who are well-respected within their niche tend to get more comments and Exposure. Also, if you are known as a fashion guru in your community, you can become a model for some clothing lines, which can give you even more exposure and name recognition.

Couture Bloggers

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As a couture writer, you are expected to write about and critique the latest fashion items. But, unlike fashionistas, you are not expected to wear the latest fashions and style yourself at every occasion. This means you will not have the same type of exposure.

As such, couture bloggers are usually recognized in their own communities, or can gain special recognition by appearing on television programs, at charity events, or being featured in fashion magazines. You can name your blog after a famous celebrity, designer, or other well-known person that is recognized within your community.

Trendy Fashion Blog Names

Trendy fashion blogs are generally focused on bringing consumers up-to-date on the latest trends in clothes, accessories, and accessories. The name of your blog could be something like “tops trends” or “graphic tee dress.”

When creating a trend-oriented blog, it’s important to be aware that you’re writing about trends that many people are interested in at any given time. You should do research to find out what types of articles, products, and styles are in demand right now. Once you have this information, you will know what name to use to create your website.

Creative Fashion Blog Names

A creative fashion blog names itself as something different every so often. For example, “Gorgeous Gourmet Desserts” might be appropriate for a food blog. On the other hand, “Tropical Blend” is too generic.

When creating a blog that is truly creative and one-of-a-kind, you need to give yourself ample time to come up with a unique name. It also helps to have several alternate titles in case you decide upon a unique name but are still unsure of what it means.

Brandable Fashion Blog Names

Brandable blog names help to make it easy for other people to find your blog. Brandable blog names help you promote your website through other sites that are relevant to your topic. When looking for blog name ideas, think about the possibilities of promoting your site through other websites.

Look for sites that are relevant to your topic or niche, but also include some links back to your blog. This will allow your readers to learn about your blog, but also place your brand right within their community.


If you have chosen one of the above top names for your site, try to find out if it’s available. You may have to pay for a domain name with extension. Before you pay, though, check to see if there are other sites that may offer the same domain name for a slightly cheaper price. Bluehost, for example, offers a free domain name with extension. If you’re comfortable with the idea of paying for a domain name rather than paying for a hosting package, then you can choose to purchase a domain name instead of a hosting package.

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