Top Fashion Blog To Follow In 2020 To Stay Updated

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Have you ever found yourself at a loss of ideas when it came to dressing for the evening outing? Or, you are going out on a date and just don’t know what to get yourself into? Even an outing with friends, a get-together, an office party, or, just going to work needs you to look great as per the occasion. And, finding the right fit can be quite tricky at times. With WFH across the world, that needs you to be present for video conferences, it’s a new set of challenges altogether. But, it need not be when you have the ultimate list of top fashion blog to follow in 2020. These fashionistas, some professionals, while others self-proclaimed ones, show you just how to stay on top of the fashion game.

Fashion Blog To Follow This Year

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Without any further delay, let’s check out the best and most remarkable bloggers who are turning the world a little more fashionable. Check them out now and bookmark them. Thanks to Instagram, it’s now easier to create these blogs. So, we will be sharing the Instagram IDs as well. Though, a point to remember, in case of change of ID you need to search the blogger profile through name.


Instagram: @kelseydashmarie

Switching between New York and Johannesburg, this inspiring lady can pull almost anything off with her style, confidence, and grace. Be it the bold colorful printed Rixo dress or the sleek tailored dresses, she looks amazing in everything. You can certainly take note on how to style with what you go in your wardrobe and come out looking dashing.

Trishna Goklani

Instagram: @trishnagoklani

The Paradise Row social media editor is a fashion influencer herself. Her forever styling with the little black dress, or the leather jacket, keeps it simple yet stylish. You will find the perfect combinations on her Instagram profile that you can easily replicate. The best part is that you need not go shopping always. She styles with what you will find at your place with ease.

Hannah Crosskey

Instagram: @hannahcrosskey

Talk about turning the most expensive high street fashion into something timeless, you have got to check out the Instagram profile or Hannah Crosskey. She has her signature neutral color palette that makes each one of her styling even more stylish and elegant. You will not help but love the way she mixes and matches.

Shreeya Bhattacharya

Instagram: @shreeya_bhattacharya

Be it Indian ethnic, or western party look, or extremely casual styling that will still get you noticed in the crowd, this fashionista slays it all in style! Engineer by profession, she is a self-proclaimed fashion blogger who knows how to look trendy without having to go overboard. The best part is, you will get some fantastic styling ideas that are easy to replicate and are perfect for every occasion.

Sabina Socol

Instagram: @sabinasocol

Born in Romania, modelling in Paris and London, a journalist and a fashion influencer, she is everything packed into one person! This fashionista is among the best when it comes to some French fashion lessons and you can never go wrong with those timeless stylings with some modern twists. Check out her Instagram for some amazing inspirations.

Follow them fast and next time you are not too sure about how to style or what to wear and what not, just scroll through the profiles and we are sure you will get some fine ideas. Don’t forget to share with your peers!

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