Top Uses Of Free Websites –

free websites
  • Network existence 24*7: In order to have a free website, customers will always be able to find you anytime, anywhere, even outside of business hours.
  • Exchange of Information: It supplies a fast and easy way of communicating information among buyers and sellers. You can also engage your customers by uploading promotional videos and sell your business in a successful and economical way.
  • Reliability: Useful tools play a crucial role in informing something about your business, such as having a website, email address, physical address, and telephone number. If you did not use these tools, then customers may not rely on your business.
  • Promotion: Promotion on tools like Facebook or Google AdWords would give you the capacity to reach consumers in a more reliable manner than with the traditional offline promotion methods.
  • Online Customer Service: You can handle customer service in a very easier way if you have a website. You can provide much more information through the website. It also reduces cost, saves time and money.

Following Are The Best Free Websites:

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The main advantage of this free website is that it can be managed from the front end rather than handle anything from the back end. This free website can be used by both beginners and advanced as well as very easy to handle. Moreover, it also provides hosting, so the only thing you need to do is to organize the layouts, pick a template, and there you go.


WordPress is known as the king of free websites. It provides features like a free domain name, including 50GB space, 100MB of email storage per account, and many more. If you want to go for the cheapest sensible WordPress hosting, then you can find Bluehost out there. However, you need to create the website and host the software by yourself.


If you are confused about which free website to choose, then you surely go for LinkedIn as the people’s first choice. It has been noted that more than 30 million businesses are active on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best free websites because it works as a platform where you can get exposure. If you want to publish something on LinkedIn, you can use the Start a post gadget at the top of the page.


Graphical user interface, application

Blogger is just like other free websites. In order to use this website, create an account first and have to pick one of the default themes; then, you can start your writing.

Steps To Create A Website:

  • Select an expressive name for your website.
  • Register your domain and host your website.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Observe the best WordPress theme or template.
  • Acquire some essential WordPress plug-in.
  • Make your block socially available.


With the help of free websites, bloggers and fresher’s have an immense amount of opportunities and platforms to exercise their skills and to upgrade them.

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