Transform Negative Energy into Healing Energy That Will Soothe Physical, Emotional and Spiritual!

You may have heard about the orgonite pyramid, which is an energy transmutation device. This amazing energy transmutation device can draw all the forms of negativity from your life, and it will transform negativity into positivity. This Therapeutic Orgonite Pyramid Stone is extremely beneficial for all life forms such as pets, plants, and yourself. It is also a very popular spiritual heading tool that neutralizes all the electromagnetic wave’s effects on your body. Everyone should know that this orgonite pyramid works based on two principles. It is a mixture of inorganic metal shavings and organic resin based on petrochemicals. You will also observe a scrubbing action that takes place in an orgonite pyramid and this happens because of the attraction and repels of energy present in the pyramid. It does not matter where you place this pyramid, it will always keep the energy and atmosphere of your house positive. 

Here you can have this fabulous Therapeutic Orgonite Pyramid Stone. It is indeed an excellent piece to keep in your home or workplace. You can place it anywhere you want like in the living room, kids room, kitchen, etc. It will indeed clear all the ambient energy present in your house. 

Buy This Fabulous Therapeutic Orgonite Pyramid Stone 


  • Brand Name: Orgonite
  • Metals Type: Copper
  • Main Stone: CRYSTAL
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Occasion: Gift
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Side Stone: Other Natural material
  • Style: TRENDY
  • Item Type: Other Jewelry
  • size: 6/8/10/13cm
  • Corresponding chakra: 7Chakra
  • Corresponding angle: All angles
  • Function: EMF Protection
  • Numbering: C0153


  • This Therapeutic Orgonite Pyramid Stone will indeed provide you great relaxation and comfort while you are sleeping. And, you will observe all the negative energy from your life going away. You will be surprised after observing the transformation of negativity into positivity. This orgonite pyramid will provide your house a healthy environment. 
  • You will get better sleep and dreams. Just buy this orgonite pyramid to remove all the toxicity from your life. You can have this in different sizes 13cm, 10cm, 8cm, and 6cm. 
  • If you are having anger issues then this orgonite pyramid will make you calm and positive. It will balance all your mood swings. You will indeed experience emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth. It will also provide you peace of mind. 
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  • Having many orgonite may lead to discomfort. And, you should be aware of temporary comfort. The main problem generally faced by people is that this pyramid requires high care and maintenance. Make sure that you keep it clean always. It would be best if you clean this orgonite pyramid once or twice a month. 
  • Always remember that you should use an orgonite Pyramid in a clean atmosphere. Using it in an unclean atmosphere may lead to harmful effects because this energy is sensitive to certain distributions and agitation. 


Buy this amazing Therapeutic Orgonite Pyramid Stone for a peaceful life and positive feelings. It is a kind of universal life force that will convert all the negative energies into positive energies. 

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