Turn Your Scrapbook into a Masterpiece with This Sticker for Any Occasion! It Becomes a Work of Art!

Stickers are an easy and fun way to add some creativity to the journal. They’re also great time savers for things like habit trackers, headers, etc. But, stickers can become expensive if people are using them frequently. And sometimes, they just can’t find exactly what they are looking for. Creating their stickers is pretty easy, and they don’t have to own any super fancy equipment or software to get started. people have been creating printable stickers for almost two years now. In the beginning, It was hand drawing every single sticker with pen and paper. 

Scrapbooking Vellum Paper Stickers For Notes Journals Planner Card Making

Vellum is a unique kind of paper we use for arts and crafts. Despite the fact that it used to refer only to a kind of paper that comes from calfskin, modern vellum comes from cotton and wood pulp. We can use it to make greeting cards or scrapbooking, as well as for tracing designs. Vellum is a translucent paper that we underuse and most scrapbook artists and card makers do not provide the attention it deserves. It’s an elegant paper that we can use in different kinds of projects. Initially, it used to be a fine parchment made of calfskin or lambskin. Later, the parchment was replicated with the heavy off-white quality paper that is used today, vellum brings nicely into creative projects of all varieties, and people are limited to only their creativity. No matter how they use vellum sheets, their project will be great. Plain white vellum can be the most recognizable by most crafters. But most crafters these days, prefer more patterned and colored papers available in the market.

Purchase Scrapbooking Vellum Paper Stickers For Notes Journals Planner Card Making today.


  • Material Vellum paper
  • Brand Name KSCRAFT
  • Packing 50pcs/set
  • Product Type Decoration


  • Cute and decorative
  • Make your notes or paper more appealing with these stickers
  • It is best for scrapbooks, diaries, letters, projects, cards
  • It can be used for distinguishing Packaging materials
  • It can be used in Marketing and promotional materials
  • It can be used in Vellum papercrafts and cardmaking
  • It can be used for promotional and marketing use of any product


  • Do not overheat the vellum. It might crinkle, buckle, and/or wrinkle.
  • Try not to use a blow dryer for any kind of embossing.
  • Slight rise in temperature may cause vellum stickers to crinkle buckle and color fading
  • Vellum stickers should be used with more care, they may catch oil or dirt very quickly


There are many ways by which people share their views. There are also many methods present in which a lot of information is given just in a short period or through pictorial representation. So, people may save time and gain or give information through images. So use these methods to tell anything to anybody without spending more time just by drawing or showing images.

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