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Are you looking for the perfect design for your blog? The design of a blog is a very crucial thing, it attracts the people visiting your blog and the more people get attracted, the more your blog gets popular. There are many elements that you need to keep in mind while choosing a design for your blog. You can watch Vintage Lifestyle Blog design videos as well for a better audiovisual understanding of the idea. Choosing a good theme can make the design of your blog extraordinary.

Elements You Need For Your Blog Design

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Add snippets – people generally have small attention spans. If you write a small paragraph and then give an option like “click to read the full post” then it will attract more traffic.

Font size – the font size must be 11 or larger because it has been experimented with smaller font size and noticed that readers spend less time if the font size is too small.

Threaded comments – if you add the threaded comments in your blog then it increases the comment frequency by 16% to 33%.

Your bio

Keep a simple design and color scheme


Use the most popular widget

Images – images attract people way more than a paragraph without any image attached to it, try to use more images but not too many.

You can use these ideas and also watch Vintage Lifestyle Blog design videos for a proper understanding.

Themes For Your Vintage Lifestyle Blog Design

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The theme selection is the most important thing in the design of your blog. You can watch few examples in Vintage Lifestyle Blog design videoss. Here are a few theme ideas for you to choose from.

Newspaper – Newspaper is that the best-selling news and blog WordPress theme. The creators built this theme to assist you to tell your stories with the employment of typography, dynamism, and professional design.

Gillion – Gillion could be a magazine- and blog-specialized WordPress theme that features a responsive design with a one-click demo install. it’s been designed with a robust admin interface that produces coding unnecessary

Webify – Webify may be a complete pack of goodness for creating just about any website you wish. Needless to mention, you’ll utilize Webify as a WordPress theme for a private blog, too, and shine online sort of a pro from the get-goThe Voux

The Voux could be a highly responsive, Retina-ready, and clean blog theme for WordPress

Stockholm – This is a brilliant versatile page canvas that you’ll use for all types of intentions.

Magplus – Magplus may be a modern and trendy WordPress theme for various users. it’s professional, creative, and aesthetic.

How To Start Your Design Vintage Lifestyle Blog?

A Vintage Lifestyle Blog design videos can educate you well about the themes and designs but the procedure of starting your design blog is what you won’t get in that video.

First, you will have to register a domain.

Installation of WordPress is very important.

Then comes, the designing of the blog.

Start publishing your first posts

Promotion is very important, start promoting it.

Keep patience and be consistent.


Choose the blog design and theme very carefully, it matters a lot. If all the elements and the theme is attractive, then it helps a lot to popularize your blog. All the best!

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