Where To Find Successful Fashion Blog Names

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But before you start, do some research. Create a name and theme for the blog. Look for popular names for clothing or fashion items. Choose a domain name. Here are fashion blog name idea tips that will help you choose a great one.

Focus on a narrow niche. Think of exactly what you want to discuss on your blog. Get to understand your target audience. Identify strong branding possibilities.

Based On What It Represents

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Choose a blog name based on what it represents. It could be women’s handbags, men’s fashion, beauty products, or teen fashion. Branding helps to establish a brand name for your blog. Think of ways that many people might type into Google to find your blog.

Do not limit your search to words. There are many blog names that fit well into many categories. An example is fashion blogging with an alliteration such as, “It’s Fashion Week”. When searching for this type of name, you will get over 80 examples. To narrow down your results, look at the examples that alliterate.

Can Be Keyword Optimized For Your Main Keywords

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Look for blog naming ideas that can be keyword optimized for your main keywords. For example, “best celebrity fashion”, “the latest celebrity styles” or “get the best celebrity style” are good examples of blog naming ideas. Using these keywords in your blog titles, meta descriptions and URL will help to bring your information to many people through search engines.

Narrowing your list to a specific niche can make things easier. There are thousands of blogs in the “celebrity” or “gossip” niche, so how do you know which ones are good? These examples of blog name suggestions can give you a place to start. Specific niche blogs are a great way to find out which ones are getting the most hits and read by the biggest number of readers. Looking at the statistics for specific niche bloggers can give you insight into what the public wants to read.

Think Out Loud

Another tip for finding the right blog name is to think out loud. If you are blogging about the latest fashion trends, think about what you would type to find out what the most searched for words are. Like “tops”, “sexy”, “tops” or “topless”. Once you have these words, try and incorporate them into your blogging, writing or blogging about fashion.

Finally, to learn how to name a blog, do not be afraid to ask readers for suggestions. People love to help others out and will give you honest opinions on the topics that you are blogging about. This is a great way for you to build trust with your readers, because they will know that you value their opinions and time.

Tiffany Taylor, Brando And Patti Labelle

There are plenty of examples of blogs that have done this. For instance, bloggers such as Tiffany Taylor, Brando and Patti LaBelle have taken words from their own personal experiences to form inspirational pieces. Brando’s blogs are popular because of his passion for Italian clothing. And Tiffany’s posts on her site are filled with tips on how to be more attractive. Using examples of personal branding is a great way to get started on the right foot.

Of course, there are also plenty of examples of blog names that have failed very miserably. These are the blog names that should be avoided. They may have great content, but their audience soon becomes disinterested. Here are three quick tips to make sure that your blogging efforts become successful.

Pay Attention To The Audience

First, pay attention to the audience that you are targeting with your blogging efforts. Take a look at some of the examples of blog names that have been extremely successful. Notice the audience that they have targeted. Is it teens, professionals or parents? If you know the overall theme of the topic you will know which type of audience you should be targeting with your next blogging effort.

Final Words

Next, look for examples of successful bloggers in the same industry. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when you are creating your own blog name. You can then use the examples as a template to create your own brand in the same industry. Finally, find out what other bloggers in the same industry do to come up with effective blog names.

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